Sunday, September 30, 2018

Second Batch of Backgrounds

7) Conspicuous Amnesiac

Your role as a literary device sticks out as a sore thumb. Your past goals and personality traits elude you like an itch on the small of your back, though there are many who would lend a helping hand. Would-be adversaries give you a wide berth, and a flock of sycophants crowd around you—hoping to cash in on your inevitably heroic fate or recovered high status. Ambitious Viziers or desperately leaderless empires have historically used amnesiacs as malleable tools of succession, to mixed results.

- Ragged and filthy, though unmistakably exquisite clothing
- A hollow brass tube OR slimy lead shot OR an inescapable trail of insects
- A capriciously brilliant gemstone OR an onyx sword hilt OR a heavy, gilt tome with exclusively blank pages


- Though you begin as helpless as a child, your past talents may be resurrected with practice. When you learn a new Skill or train or advance an acquired one, you may test your luck to see if your subject was known to your past self. If you succeed, you may roll twice to vie for improvement.

8) Custom Barge Racer

The viscous membrane that connects the spheres is to many simply an obstacle on the path to their destination. To you, it is a stadium and a playground. The spheres are merely places to repair, restock, and renovate, but the sea of Nothing is where you and your competitors truly live. Some racers are in it for prize winnings, others for fame or admiration, but all share an all-consuming desire for speed.

- A Golden Barge, in truth owned by a wealthy patron
- An inordinate number of small supplemental sails OR an emergency silver-combustion engine OR sail-shredding cannons
- A well-used boarding pike

4 Golden Barge Pilot
2 Astrology
2 Awareness
2 Spear Fighting
1 Climb
1 Mathmology
1 Strength

9) Chased Chaste Chase

You’ve jilted the priest at the sacrificial alter, fleeing your virginal destiny, but your purpose stinks upon you like a rotten egg. Your original captors aren’t the only ones greedily dreaming of pushing you into a volcano or flaying you over the gaping mouths of devout parishioners—you must maintain constant vigilance when around any priest. Perhaps you can evade your fate by losing that which they hold sacred, but it’s a dubious task.

- Torn bits of cloth that pass for clothes
- A length of chain still bound to your wrist (Damage as club)
- A ceremonial dagger and your severed though still-beating heart OR a crucible of molten lava (cools in 2d6 days) OR a Cacogen Death Mask that conveys +2 Second Sight
- Numerous golden bangles worth d66 silver pennies OR a sacrilegious tome containing the teachings of 2 Random Spells.

3 Run
1 Climb
1 Acrobatics
1 Etiquette
1 Club Fighting

10) Absurd Vigilante

In the less policed spheres, there are those who take up the mantle of a defender of innocents, though few take so dramatic an approach as you. The alternate identity that you wear to mask your true self has consumed your life to a frightful degree. You’ve crafted a heart-wrenching backstory to justify your prolific violence, but truly, you’re just in it for the thrills.

- A lovingly fashioned costume, themed around your randomly rolled spell, complete with cape
- A deck of calling cards
- A weapon of your choice, if you choose Weapon Fighting

3 Spell – Random (Troika Table 5)
3 Disguise
3 Unarmed Fighting
2 Acrobatics
2 Strength
2 Run
1 Climb
1 Fly OR 2 Weapon Fighting (of your choice) OR 4 Second Sight

You have a weakness, so absurdly niche that it would seem impossible to exploit. When subject to this vulnerability, your Base Skill and Luck temporarily drop to 0.

11) The Killer

You live an inoffensive life. Your friends know you as a harmless wallflower. Strangers find you meek, even pathetic. However, deep within you lies a dormant monster. You are a sleeper cell—the finely honed tool of person or persons unknown. Even in your normal life, your purpose finds ways to leak from your otherwise unassuming exterior. You have a secret, nasty vice that you can’t help but indulge. Time will tell when, and at whose behest, you will be unleashed upon which unsuspecting victim.

- A thin dagger sewn into your clothing that you only know about when activated
- A cyanide capsule, likewise hidden

1 Etiquette

When the command word is given, you must do everything in your power to track down and kill your designated target. While activated, you gain the following skills:
5 Sword Fighting
5 Knife Fighting
4 Tracking
4 Run
3 Strength
3 Poison

12) Haunted Medic

Behind the brazen charges and bristling armies that sweep and collide across the spheres, you wage your own war in hellish ditches and ramshackle huts that pass for operating theatres. Almost as spectacular and strange as the weapons that make them, the wounds of your patients constitute the intricate intrigues at the heart of your feverishly wrought dramas. You’ve been at this too long, and finally caught a body that snapped your typically adamantine heartstrings. The wars left behind, will your quaking hands and quivering lips prove fatal for your new comrades?

- A surgeon’s kit, disused aside from a dwindling supply of painkillers
- A half-empty bottle of strong spirits

2 Awareness
1 Trapping
1 Poison
1 Healing

The bottle or the pill are the only ways you’ve managed to dull the screams and still your tremulations. When thoroughly soused, you gain a +4 bonus to Healing but -1 to everything else.

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