Saturday, October 13, 2018

Mystics in Search of the Holy Mountain

Much of the population of the Sphere of the Holy Mountain fancies themselves something of a sage, and some even have enough chutzpah to gain a bit of a following. Conventional religions who set up shop here have little chance against these tenacious domestic breeds.

The following mystical orders use the stats for generic Acolyte Mystics and Master Mystics, but each has their own unique features listed as Special.

Orders of Mystics

  1. The Vulcanized Pact believes that the Holy Mountain is rather a volcano, and summiting it would trigger an apocalyptic eruption. They employ various schemes to deceive mystics into blaspheming and straying from their path.
    1. They publicize the idea that the holy mountain is actually on a different sphere.
    2. They employ temptresses to dissuade believers from their path.
    3. They swap holy texts for similar but heretical ones, to trick devout mouths into uttering heresy.
    • Special: Members of this order have the Spells Babble and Befuddle.
  2. This heretical fellowship dedicates themselves to anti-spiritualism. They attempt to defile all that is holy and commit every blasphemy, believing this the true path to enlightenment.
    • Special: Members of this order have the Spells Shatter and Undo.
  3. The Martyrers seek truth in the screaming eyes and distant words of those nursed on their Judas Cradles and broken on their Catherine Wheels.
    • Special: Members of this order have +1 Armour, deal damage as Axe, and have the spells Assassin's Dagger and Darksee.
  4. This sect of a popular religion believes in a holistic use of their sacred text. They bring copies of it with them everywhere, in order to tear out pages to use as tissues or toilet paper. They clothe themselves entirely in stitched-together pages. They fight by hitting people with the tome.
    • Special: Members of this order have +1 Armour and deal damage as Club.
  5. This cult frequently tests their piety via such deadly trials as pistolet roulette, being bitten by venomous snakes, and being burned alive. They have a high turnover. The gauntlet is open to all who would seek to gain esteem with the order, though unwilling participants have been known to receive judgement (to the benefit of their enemies). One who succeeds the trials fairly gains Enlightenment, though some prefer to ensure their survival by cheating.
    • Special: Members of this order deal damage as Pistolet, and have the Spell Zed.
  6. The Rainbow Threshers deem all but their holy wavelength false. Some of their order have undergone excruciating rituals to purify their retinas of blasphemous receptors, rendering their vision monotone.
    • Special: Members of this order have the spells Light, Jolt, and Flash.


Acolyte Mystic

Skill 6
Stamina 7
Initiative 2
Armour 0
Damage as knife
1. Bloodthirsty
2. Panicked
3. Ritualistic
4. Bored
5. Evangelical
6. Disillusioned

The acolyte has the Spells Exorcism, Presence, and Read Entrails.

Master Mystic

Skill 9
Stamina 14
Initiative 3
Armour 2
Damage as Staff
1. Bloodthirsty
2. Megalomaniacal
3. Ritualistic
4. Despondent
5. Evangelical
6. Heretical

The master has the spells of an acolyte, plus Illusion and Levitate.


Now that we have a bunch of Mystical orders written up, we can plug them into random encounters with minimal effort. Here are some simple examples that can be made more interesting by rolling to determine the Orders and Mien of the Mystics:
  • Two groups from different orders, composed of d6 Acolytes lead by a Master, converge on a large and deserted plaza.
  • An Acolyte struggles with a stubborn sacred cow.
  • d3 Acolytes vandalize the temple of another order. If the players have erected or seized a religious structure of their own, they are the victims.
  • A pupilless Master Mystic attempts to take the players under their wing.

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