Sunday, September 30, 2018

First Batch of Backgrounds

1) Food

Some adventurers try to kill monsters from the outside, impotently sliding their blades against tough hides. You know better.

- Aromatic spices and rotten meats
- Full body chain suit (Moderate Armour)
- Carving knife
- Gall stone trophy from a vanquished foe

4 Tunnel Fighting
2 Disguise
1 Evaluate
1 Poison
1 Knife Fighting

2) Monumentalist

While your companions are busy wrestling and hacking away at some foe, you're already planning the bloodstone obelisk that will forever mark this place. Your paths through the spheres are marked by cairns, tombstones, and temples. For you, the only things worth remembering are written in stone.

- Hammer and chisel
- Pulleys and rope
- A jar of gold leaf
- A sled
- A pack mule

4 Masonry
3 Mathmology
1 Most Obscure Languages
1 Secret Signs - Masons
1 Evaluate
1 Awareness
1 Climb

3) Rainbow Thresher

All but the holy wavelength are false. Some members of your order have purified their retinas to expunge the blasphemous receptors, but you retain yours to bear witness to their grotesque vibrations. Let the gods sort heretics into ultraviolet heavens and infrared hells, you have painting to do.

- A prism
- Robes and tassels dyed the sacred shade
- Pigments and binding agents

3 Spell - Light
2 Mathmology
2 Second Sight
2 Spell - Jolt
1 Spell - Darksee
1 Spell – Flash

4) Maiden Bearer

You carry the maw of your god upon your back, and your god is always hungry.

- An iron maiden
- Hooks and chains
- A nasty little trap of your own invention

3 Wrestling
3 Strength
2 Run
1 Tracking
1 Trapping

Your iron god takes up 4 equipment slots. Once its thorny chambers are filled with a wriggling sacrifice and the door is shut, it doubles in weight and cannot be opened until your god is satiated—usually about 1 day. Your god never needs cleaning.

5) Miracle Cure Salesmen

You were the only survivor of an expedition to the fountain of youth, and you’ve carried back as much of the legendary waters with you as you could. However, eternity is proving too short a time to make your fortune hawking your miraculous wares. You meander from sphere to sphere, seeking out the desperate and the gullible after being laughed out of throne rooms and grand halls. Maybe somewhere there’s one fool enough, or a deal cheap enough, to offload some of your priceless haul.

- Water from the fountain of youth, stoppered in tacky curio bottles
- Dirty, threadbare rags
- Banners bearing slogans of previous marketing attempts

1 Awareness
1 Run
1 Sneak
1 Swim
1 Trapping
You never age.

6) Masonic Campaign Manager

The candidates are secret, the districts jagged, voter registration arcane, but there’s an election to be run. It’s your job to find babies to wave and hands to kiss for your future club president… whoever they might be.

- A crate of campaign pins
- A poisoner’s ring
- A list of suspected opposition candidates

4 Secret Signs – Secret Sphere Domination Organization
3 Etiquette
2 Poison
1 Disguise
1 Awareness
1 Astrology

If you win the election, your candidate will assume a mantle of unspeakable power. You may be awarded for your efforts with obscene wealth, an influential office, or a firm handshake.

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